Monday, 16 April 2018

Grass for the goats

We are at last getting some warm, dry weather so I have been able to pick grass for the goats. Free food!

Wood chip to dam the floods

We have had lots of rain recently. The ground turned to mud. The hen house, duck run and goat house were swimming in rain water. But in the neighbouring woodland, work had taken place on the hedges and the a large amount of wood chippings had been left to rot. We have given them a new lease of life soaking up the mud.

From garden waste to goat food

I bumped into some builders ripping out the privet hedge from a garden in Sunniside last week. The result was a large quantity of goat food delivered to our livestock allotment.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Poorly Perky

Perky, the baby goat we are raising by hand, was poorly yesterday. It meant we had an emergency visit to the vet to make.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Using the chainsaw

We had a break in the wet weather on Sunday so we took the opportunity to use the chainsaw to chop logs to increase our fuel supply in the year ahead.

Quail egg salad (again)

quail egg salad Mar 18

We had another quail egg salad recently as we tried to use up the remaining quail eggs from last year.  As the quail are now laying again, we have decided that the four remaining boxes of eggs from 2017 will be fed to the chickens in their mash.

Little and Large

eggs little and large Mar 18

Egg production is increasing, despite the loss of our 4 best layers to foxes. We had an interesting couple of extremes recently. A rather small egg laid on the same day as a super-sized one. The hen must have felt it when she popped that one out.