Monday, 24 October 2016

Ricotta ice cream

ricotta ice cream Oct 16 1

Our ever increasing supply of ricotta cheese has forced us to scour the recipe books looking for ways to use it up. We discovered we can use ricotta to make ice cream. So we gave it a go and were rather pleased with the results. The first attempt was a simple vanilla ice cream. Then we got a bit more daring. We have pickled raspberries left over from making raspberry gin. Normally we would put them into sweet mincemeat. We can now report that they work well in ricotta ice cream as well!

ricotta ice cream Oct 16 2

Bean stock

bean stock Oct 16 (1)

The last of our beans were picked recently. Once the beans were removed, the pods were used to make bean stock. We boiled them up with herbs, onions and other aging vegetables that needed to be used up. Expect posts about soup making shortly.

bean stock Oct 16 (2)

bean stock Oct 16 (3)

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Pears and crab apples

crab apples and pears Oct 16

We got this box of pears and crab apples in a swap recently. It cost us a few jars of preserves. The crab apples will be boiled to make jelly. The pears will be preserved in red wine we made a couple of years ago. I've not preserved fruit in wine before so this will be a first for me.

Shed repair

shed repair Oct 16

The old bike shed we have previously used as a goat shed was in serious need of repair. We are also desperate for the storage space, especially for the animal feed. David did the repair work, ably assisted by Spotless, out billy. Coming up soon will be the building of a new, large shed with an external, covered work area and a big new henhouse to replace all our smaller ones.


pigeons Oct 16

Also left for us recently was a bag of pigeons. I have removed the breasts and frozen them. However, they will be used to make pork and pigeon sausages soon. I'll be making a video about this. Watch this space.

pigeon breasts Oct 16

Partridge and pheasants

pheasant and partridge Oct 16

Friends leave all sorts of things for us outside our allotment gate. Recently I arrived to find these 2 pheasants and a partridge handing from the lock. They have now been stripped, gutted and frozen.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Making pottage

I've been doing some more historical cooking recently. Pottage was a medieval dish, a bit of a cross between a stew and soup. The meat I used in it was game left over from the game pies I made last month for the Bowes Show.

Once made, I took the pottage to a local history event where I was doing the catering for the day. My cooking got the thumbs up from the Mayor of Gateshead.