Sunday, 24 July 2016

More ice cream

blackcurrant and chocolate ice cream July 16

We are continuing to get lots of cream from Pinkie's milk. Today we used some of it to make 2 flavours of ice cream - blackcurrant and chocolate. It has been very hot today so the ice cream helped cool us down this evening.

A bucket of blackcurrants

blackcurrants July 16

One of the neighbouring allotment holders invited me onto his plot a few days ago to pick the blackcurrants. He had lots of surplus fruit so I filled a bucket with them. So watch out for forthcoming posts on using blackcurrants in making ice cream, cheese cake, fruit liqueur and jam.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Moving the quail chicks

We recently moved the quail chicks to the quail house. All the birds were ringed before the move so that we know which year they hatched.

How to make a goat cheese and quail egg salad

We have lots of quail eggs and we still have goat cheese made last year to use up. So I made a salad. The unusual ingredient was blackberry vinegar in which I marinated the cheese.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Cream cheese

cream cheese July 16

I've been making cheese today. We had let some of the goats milk separate by itself. The result was a creamy curd which we are using as cream cheese. 4 tubs of it has gone into the freezer but will eventually be used for flan fillings.

Another egg stash

eggs July 16

Our neighbouring allotment holder passed on to us recently these eggs she found on her plot. One of our cream legbars had found a hole in the fence and was making useof it to build up a stash of eggs in a hidden corner. As we have no idea when the eggs were laid, we can't sell them. We will consume them ourselves. In the meantime, we've blocked up the hole.

Nanny goat in labour

This was filmed in May. Geraldine, one of our 3 goats, had gone into labour. This video looks at a few of the signs to look for when a nanny is close to giving birth.

Sadly, we lost Geraldine before she was able to have her babies.