Monday, 20 February 2017

Roly poly pudding - this time it was edible!

roly poly pudding with marmalade Feb 17 (1)

We made another roly poly pudding tonight. This time we steered clear of the rosehip jam. Instead, we used an old jar of clementine marmalade that had partly crystalised. At last, a pudding that was edible!

roly poly pudding with marmalade Feb 17 (2)

Cottage pie

cottage pie Feb 17

The pork leftovers from last night's dinner were chopped up this evening and made into a cottage pie. Yesterday's leftover vegetables also went into it. The pie is big enough to keep us in meals until Wednesday.

Roly poly disaster

roly poly pudding with rosehip jam Feb 17 (1)

This roly poly pudding was made over the weekend so that some old jam could be used up. The rosehip jam was made about 8 years ago but somehow we just never got round to eating it. It was awful. The pudding had to be abandoned.

roly poly pudding with rosehip jam Feb 17 (2)

Roast pork again

roast pork dinner Feb 17

We had another roast pork dinner on Sunday. We found a pork leg joint in one of the freezers and using it up helps create a bit more space for this year's produce (a good excuse!)

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Signs of spring

rose leaf buds Feb 17

The days are noticeably getting longer. On 21st December, the shortest day, I did the lock up of the animals at about 3.45pm. Now I am doing it about 6pm. And at the end of last week, I spotted greenery starting to burst from buds. The picture above is of rose leaves. I am hoping the hawthorn will be earlier than usual this year. We have lots of it to cut back but we can only start once it is in leaf so that it can be fed to the goats.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


pork fat Feb 17 (1)

We have rendered the fat from the pork joint we had on Sunday. The fat and leftover bits were put into water, brought to the boil and simmered. Once reduced down, the contents are put through a sieve. We then repeated the process a couple more times to make sure every bit of lard is extracted.

pork fat Feb 17 (2)

pork fat Feb 17 (3)

Beer brewing

beer brewing Feb 17

The beer kit we are trying out has been brewing in the barrel for nearly 14 days. We will be trying it out next week. This exercise at the moment is as much about learning new skills as it is about making beer.