Monday, 23 January 2017

Pigeon sausages and toad-in-the-hole

toad in the hole with pigeon sausages Jan 17

I recently made some sausages from pigeon breasts. Last night we used them to make toad-in-the-hole. I was rather pleased with the results. However, I think I made the sausage meat too fine. In future, I will put the mincer on a coarser setting.

Shepherds pie

shepherds pie Jan 17 (1)

The leftovers from the lamb joint we had recently were put to good use in a shepherds pie. The meat was stripped from the bones and put through the mincer. Vegetables were added to the mince and cooked in a pan for about 20 minutes before being transferred to a baking tray. Mashed potato was mixed with some of our ricotta cheese and placed over the mince and vegetables. It was then baked in the oven at 180C for 45 minutes.

shepherds pie Jan 17 (2)

shepherds pie Jan 17 (3)

shepherds pie Jan 17 (4)

Rhubarb crumble

rhubarb crumble Jan 17

Our freezers are still full but we needed some space for some pheasants. So out came some rhubarb to create the required space. Following this, we had rhubarb crumble for pudding!

Quail egg salad

quail egg salad Jan 17

We still have lots of quail eggs from the autumn so 100 were used recently to make a salad. Also included was some leftover chicken meat from a recent roast. As usual, some potatoes were added. I've made a short video about making the salad but editing is still to be done.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Roast lamb

roast lamb Jan 17 (1)

We still have some lamb in the freezer from a food swap two years ago. It was time to use up one of the joints. Into the skin was rubbed a paste made of mustard powder, juniper berries and water. The skin was then stabbed a number of times and into the stab marks was inserted rosemary and cloves of garlic. The joint was then roasted (half hour for every 450g). A lovely end result.

There will be a video about this soon.

roast lamb Jan 17 (2)

roast lamb Jan 17 (3)

Chicken and vegetable soup

chicken and vegetable soup Jan 17

Nothing was wasted from the chicken we had recently. When it was slaughtered, the feathers were stored and will be used to make a quilt. The leftover meat was stripped from the bones and we used some to make chicken and vegetable soup. Some meat was also used in a salad with quail eggs. The bones were boiled up to make the stock for the soup. They will now be dried out and crushed to make bonemeal.

When the chips are down

duck run Jan 17 (1)

Damp weather recently has not been conducive to keeping our poultry confined to their runs, a current requirement of the emergency DEFRA regulations designed to tackle bird flu. So we have been adding wood chippings to the floor of the duck and chicken runs. These chippings are an important resource for us. They are the twigs etc snipped from the branches fed to the goats. The chippings, like the chopped up branches, were to be used as fuel for our wood-fired heating system, once we have it installed. Now I am scattering sack loads of the stuff to the ground to help give a firmer footing for the poultry and to keep them out of the mud.

duck run Jan 17 (3)