Friday, 9 December 2016

Pigeon sausages - a wartime recipe

We can learn so much from history about how to avoid food waste. Wood pigeons are regarded as pests and during the 2nd World War in the UK, farmers were strongly encouraged to cull them as they would otherwise eat large parts of the grain crop. The birds have a modest amount of meat on their breasts and this was not wasted. In this video I show you how to make pigeon sausages using a wartime recipe. The pigeons were given to us (in large quantities) in a swap with a friend who goes shooting. This is the first time I've used pigeon meat to make sausages and I was rather pleased with the outcome.

pigeon sausage meat Dec 16 (1)

pigeon sausage meat Dec 16 (2)

Another quail egg salad

quail egg salad Dec 16

We are still using up the quail eggs laid in the early autumn. Time for another salad.

Monday, 5 December 2016

New goat paddock

goat paddock Dec 16 (2)

The decision to keep Spotless, the billy, means we had to build a separate paddock to hold him when the nannies are in heat. We don't want him to mate with his mother or sister. Pinkie is to be mated with a pedigree Golden Guernsey. So we have created a small paddock for him using some spare harris frames. The goathouse is an unused henhouse. So far, none of the nannies have been in heat and the goats can go in and out of the paddock as they please. Pinkie has taken rather a shine to the new mini-goathouse. She sleeps in there through the night rather than in the main goathouse.

The job of getting Spotless a mate is still waiting to be done.

goat paddock Dec 16 (1)

goat paddock Dec 16 (3)

Restocking with apples

apples Dec 16 (2)

On Friday I paid a visit to the old orchard in Whickham. Lots of apples were lying on the ground. I collected 5 sackfuls and there are still loads left there. The goats are having a bit of a feast!

apples Dec 16 (1)

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

New manure bin

manure bin Nov 16 (4)

The Whinnies community garden - I rent my allotment from them - built today some new compost bins from old pallets. One of them is specifically for manure from my goats and hens. They will use the rotted manure on the community garden. The manure bin outside my gate will continue to be used but we can leave it to stand to let the current contents rot down. Anyone on the site is able to take rotted manure from this bin. At this time of year we have a ready supply of manure!

manure bin Nov 16 (5)

Above - the contents of 2 of our henhouses.

manure bin Nov 16 (2)

Sandra and Chris from the Whinnies Community Garden ceremonially empty the first wheelbarrow of muck into the new manure bin to celebrate its launch!

manure bin Nov 16 (1)

Cleaning the goat shed

goat shed Nov 16 (2)

We cleaned out one of the goat sheds last week. It filled the manure bin. We won't be letting it build up in the future however. The shed in question contains the milking stand and we will be keeping that as a clean area in preparation for inspection by the Food Standards Agency. This will be needed if we are to sell our goat milk products.

manure bin Nov 16

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


pumpkins Nov 16

We were given these 2 pumpkins earlier this week. A further half pumpkin was get to the goats and poultry. I'll be making soup and pie. Watch this space.