Monday, 19 February 2018

More babies but Pinkie dies

We've had a busy week as both Spot and Pinkie have had babies. Spot had two on Friday. You can see them being born in the video above. Pinkie had one baby on Saturday afternoon. All seemed fine with her and we could celebrate a Pinkie birth that, for the first time, did not require the intervention of a vet. On Sunday morning we found Pinkie was very poorly. The vet came and gave her some injections and we moved her to the new shelter. Sadly, she died through the night. This is a serious blow to us. We adored Pinkie and she was our only milking goat. We are going to have to start the search for a new milker.

Pinkie's baby is quite at home with the other kids and goats. We are bottle feeding him. Fortunately we had taken what milk we could from Pinkie as an insurance policy against her death. It means the baby will be fed milk with the necessary colostrum and antibodies needed in the first few days.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Wood store

wood store Feb 18

A new bit of our infrastructure is now in place. The wood store was build from old fence panels and is now on our patio at home. We will fill it gradually over the next week though once full, we will still have plenty of wood fuel on our Farside allotment.

Chitting the potatoes

chitting potatoes Feb 18

It's that time of year - time to chit the potatoes. In essence, potatoes are encouraged to sprout so that when planted, they already have a head start off. Our seed potatoes have been put into trays in the garage. Some light, relatively cool but not freezing. They will be there for a couple of months.

Hazel catkins

hazel catkins Jan 18 2

The hazel catkins are early this year. There are lots of them about. Hopefully they will lead to a good hazel nut crop. The catkins are also useful for the bees. On warm winter days when the bees venture from the hives, the catkins are good sources of pollen.

Using the winter supplies

potatoes and parsnips for roasting Jan 18

We are gradually working our way through our supplies of winter vegetables. The potatoes were harvested in the late summer and early autumn but we are still digging up parsnips. When roasted they become a favourite for me.

On the right path

path Feb 18

There has been a great deal of path building taking place on the Whinnies over recent weeks and they have kindly put us in a path leading down the embankment to our Farside allotment. Before it went in, we were slipping down the bank and struggling to get up it with wheelbarrows containing heavy loads. At the moment only the foundation of the path is in. We provided much of the rubble and broken stones (which came from my brother Andrew's house in Whickham.) The Whinnies are able to get free sacks of wood chippings and these will be emptied out over the foundations. Hopefully there will now be less mud to deal with.

Roast lamb again

roast lamb Jan 18 1

We are gradually making use of the lamb we got last year. We had this joint roasted recently. For three days afterwards we were reduced to having cold roast lamb with baked potatoes. Shocking!