Saturday, 28 March 2015

Potato bags

A small confession: I did not get round to harvesting the potatoes I grew in potato bags in front of our hive stand last autumn. I had temporarily put chicken wire around the bags to keep the animals off. Earlier this week I removed the chicken wire and let the chickens get into the bags and eat the weeds that had started growing. The potatoes will be harvested shortly.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Cream legbar green eggs

We hatched some cream legbar chicks last year. Of the 7 hens that survived, 3 have been rehoused with other people as part of swaps. Of the 4 we kept, we were beginning to think they had found a secret place to lay and that at some point we would discover a stash of small green eggs - most cream legbars lay green eggs. We searched in vain. Whilst our other hens started producing weeks ago, there was only a fleeting glimpse of green eggs. And then in the space of one day, we found 3 green eggs. All of them were small, indicating they were laid by young birds. The eggs however were in hen houses or places under sheds and hedges where many of the other birds lay. So it seems they weren't secreting their eggs in places I hadn't discovered. Instead, they were simply later than the others at starting to lay.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Using the patio as a growing space

Our patio has been drafted in to the self-sufficiency project. It is the location for crops of leeks, cabbages and strawberries. The leeks and cabbages are in bags we sometimes use for growing potatoes. The strawberries are in specially made pots that stack up on top of each other, allowing the space to be used more efficiently.

Planting more rhubarb

You can never have too much rhubarb. We were given a large root cluster recently. Instead of planting it on the allotment, we've put it in the back garden. I'm hoping to get the first crop in a few weeks' time.

A rather large rosemary plant

I found this large rosemary plant left outside my allotment gate yesterday. I think it may have come from one of the new allotment holders on the site. He's taken over a plot that has been neglected for a year. He certainly appears to have picked up quickly on the fact that we don't waste anything!

I've put the rosemary into one of the troughs to keep it watered whilst we decide where to plant it.

Another vegetable curry

We've still got loads of vegetables to use up, including a pumpkin which was not going to make it to the end of the month. Time for another vegetable curry. It provided the two of us with three main meals. Tomorrow I suspect we will still be on vegetables. Soup is likely to be on the menu.

Elderflower champagne

We have about 40 bottles of elderflower champagne made in previous years to use up. We had one over the weekend. We weren't necessarily celebrating anything but the one we consumed was made last year. Very nice!