Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Self-Sufficient in Suburbia December/January

This is our latest video, covering our drive to be self-sufficient during December and January.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Feeding privet to the goats

There are differing views about feeding privet to goats. Some people believe privet is poisonous, others who disagree. This is the second winter we have fed privet to the goats and they thrive on it. We avoid anything with berries but, along with ivy, privet is the only greenery we can feed the livestock in the winter.

Using waste paper for bedding

We used to buy sacks of wood shavings for bedding for our poultry and goats. Not any more. We shred any paper we can get our hands on. Leaflets through the door, newspapers, magazines, any other paper needing a new life. They all go through the shredder. Once the animals have finished using the shredded paper, it goes into the manure bin to rot down. The end product is a useful compost. Nothing wasted.

How to make goat cheese and quail egg flan

A glut of quail eggs that needed to be used up and some of our goat cheese were combined together to make the filling for some flans. They were quite a tasty combination.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Apple and plum pie

apple pie Jan 16

We still have a good stock of apples from last year. In addition, we have bottled plums. We combined the two together recently to make this rather nice apple and plum pie.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

January greenery

greenery in January 16 (1)

The unseasonably warm weather seems to be encouraging very early plant growth. When I was out and about recently I spotted new leaves on trees and dandelions not just growing but flowering.I'm hoping to pick some of the dandelions and other weeds for the poultry and goats.

greenery in January 16 (2)

Pond damage

pond damaged Jan 16

We have just gone through a strong gale. There has been no damage to anything except the pond. The liner in once corner has been blown over and torn. We will need to decide whether or not it will be replaced or repaired (the latter is my favoured option). The ducks however are completely unphased by the damage. They continue to use the pond.