Saturday, 21 October 2017

Video - how to make stuffed peppers

A good crop of peppers and some ricotta cheese made from our goats' milk brought together to make stuffed peppers. The goats also have a starring role in this video.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Clearing out the greenhouse - helped by the goats

greenhouse Oct 17

We have harvested all that we can from our greenhouse so today I stripped out the pepper and chilly plants. The goats decided to help themselves to them from the wheelbarrow. What was left went into the compost bin.

goats Oct 17 2

Rescued from the compost bin

compost bin Oct 17

Someone in the Whinnies Community Garden had stripped out a greenhouse recently and put all the plants in the compost bin. However, they had left on them all the tomatoes, peppers and chillies. They were in perfectly good shape. In what must be the strangest scavenging session I've carried out, I sifted through the plants and recovered a few kilo of produce. I think someone must have forgotten the golden rule of growing your own - you are meant to eat it, not throw it out!

tomatoes peppers chillies Oct 17

Self-Sufficient omelette

omelette Oct 17

Everything in this omelette was produced by us: eggs, tomatoes, onions and the potatoes for the chips. Who needs supermarkets!?

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Apple and green tomato chutney

Apple and green tomato chutney Oct 17 (1)

This was meant to be another batch of green tomato chutney but I made the mistake of making it from memory. Only after I had added in an equal quantity of apple to green tomatoes that I realised I had overdone the apples. In the end it came out fine but I felt obliged to add "apple" into the name of the preserve!

Apple and green tomato chutney Oct 17 (2)

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Drying off the potatoes

potatoes Oct 17

We are still bringing in our potato crop and we've also traded for potatoes as well (see photo above). Potatoes are a key crop for us and an important source of carbohydrates. So we need to have enough to last us until spring. That means drying them off to get rid of the soil on them before putting them into paper sacks (which are reused sacks for our poultry feed). The spare room comes into its own at this point. The potatoes are spread out on the bed. At least the room is earning its keep!

Quail egg mountain

quail eggs Oct 17

Quail eggs keep a surprisingly long time but we still have a large amount to use up. All the ones laid from April to June were put into the above box and shipped over to the feed shed on the allotment. They will be gradually added to the hens' mash. The remaining quail eggs are gradually being used to make salads. Sadly, if I see another such salad, I will probably scream!