Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bed 4 update

Bed 4 is now in use, or at least partly so. One of our main plans for this year was to bring this bed into use and in January I covered about half of it with a 30cm layer of manure. My thinking was that this would smother the weeds and grass there and kill them off. This has largely been successful. The drawback is that we didn't have enough to cover the whole of the bed. Nevertheless, we have started digging in the manure and two crops have been planted - sweet corn and celeriac, both grown from seeds in the greenhouse. The rest of the bed will be used for autumn and winter crops.

The photo above was taken in May when we first started digging over the bed. The bit behind David is the section where we did not put any manure, hence all the weeds. You can just see next to the wheelbarrow part of the area that was smothered in manure.

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