Monday, 13 February 2012

Our new hens

new hens Feb 12 6

We have two new hens to add to the five we already have. They have settled down into the group though they get bullied a bit by Snow White, our coral nick who has grown to be boss hen. We have had them for 10 days now and the bullying seems to have died down. It seems Snow White has made clear who is in charge, and whose at the bottom of the pecking order.

new hens Feb 12 4
This is Crusty, a Pied Suffolk and the youngest of the two new hens.

new hens Feb 12 2
This is Ginger, a Columbian Blacktail. Last year we got a Columbian Blacktail. Called Gingie, unfortunately, she died suddenly in December. Ginger is her replacement. Note that her comb is developing well, so I am expecting her to start laying within the next two or three weeks.


Anonymous said...

Getting my chickens this week. Looking forward to my first fried egg sandwich from their first egg.
Getting 5. jeff,harwich

Anonymous said...

Got Chickens last Friday and had 5 eggs so far. From what I have seen it was just from 2, I have 5 in total. Can't believe how quickly they settle into a new home.