Sunday, 29 April 2012

At least the potatoes are in - and the hens can take shelter

There has been a break in the rain here, lasting 2 days. It ended this afternoon. David at least was able to get the potatoes planted, though he was mobbed by the hens who feasted on fat worms whilst he dug the ground. We have also built a shelter for the hens. They have been getting a bit bedraggled recently by the weather. They have found a semi-sheltered corner of the allotment but it is not ideal. The shelter is about 2 metres long and comes with its own perch. Only the best of luxury for our girls! Actually, the materials cost only £33, much cheaper than the £200 we saw quoted for a ready made shelter.

We carried the shelter over this afternoon and had to pass it over the hedge from the neighbouring allotment as it was too big to get through the gate. Alas, the hens took one look and ran off. I'll keep you informed if they decide to move in.

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