Friday, 22 June 2012

Wet start to summer

We are officially into summer though you would be hard pressed to find evidence of it. Yesterday was wet, very wet. The weather forecast was spot on so on Wednesday I used the last day of spring and the last day of sunshine to prepare a bed on the allotment for planting with seeds. Had I not run out of time I would have got the seeds (for pickling onions) planted. That is now a job to be done on Sunday, the next day we are forecast to be without heavy rain. I also opened up the poly tunnel. Might as well let the rain water the plants and seeds in it (cauliflowers, leeks, radishes, lettuce and scallions).

Whilst the rain benefits our plants, it is not good news for the bees. They won't be out foraging for nectar and pollen in this weather. They will simply stay in the hive. And new hives that have not built up stores of honey will go hungry if they are not fed. The British Beekeepers' Association has been sending out messages recently to urge people to feed their hives or otherwise they could starve. We have been giving them sugar syrup but they need a break in the weather to let them get out and build up their stores for the winter.

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