Sunday, 28 May 2017

Introducing Whinnie to the other goats

Pinkie and Whinnie May 17 (1)

Whinnie, the goat kid we are raising by hand, was taken to the allotment last week to be introduced to the other goats. The aim is to gradually integrate him into our small herd. Most of the other animals had a sniff at him and then walked away uninterested. Pinkie however was a bit more aggressive, dragging him by his ears and at one point head butting him. As he gets bigger, he will be able to better defend himself but we kept him on the allotment supervised for about an hour before taking him home again.

I took him back a couple of days later but he ended up on the Whinnies Community Garden where the volunteers have taken a shine to him and are keen to look after him.

We will continue to hand feed him at home but we have already moved the 4am feed back to 6am and soon it will be put back further. The trick now is to get him eating solids. He's starting to explore the whole concept of eating by chewing on whatever takes his fancy. In the house that means paper and clothes. In the back garden it's plant pots and stones. We hope soon to get him eating bran and oats mixed in milk.

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