Friday, 5 September 2008

The food bills come down

I have spent the past five days in London but took with me a bag of produce from the allotment. I am pleased to say that this served me well for all evening meals. The only non-allotment food used was one jar of a curry mix I made a couple of months ago (with vegetables that would otherwise have been thrown into the compost bin), one mug of rice and a lump of cheese.

Yesterday I did buy some more flower and margarine for pastry making but more about that later. The result however was that bills for buying food (excluding lunches) in total came in at less than £5. What I have to crack now is lunches. We go as a group for lunch to one of the Parliamentary dining rooms. However, people are allowed to bring in their own food. So I need to look at more home baking for lunches. Sort that out, and using as many home grown ingredients as we can and we will have made a big step towards self-sufficiency.

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