Monday, 12 January 2009

More manure than we expected

Saturday morning it arrived: a wagon load of manure. It was much more than we expected and so we have spent the weekend shovelling the stuff into a wheelbarrow which we then had to push down a long path to the allotment itself (we can't get any vehicles down to the allotment as it is only accessible by a path). We nearly struck disaster when the tyre went down on the barrow. After blowing it up again we found it lost pressure very quickly. We didn't have time to get it repaired so we ended up going to B&Q to get a new wheelbarrow.

The soil itself needs a lot of work doing to improve the quality of the soil. The allotment itself had been derelict for years before we took it on in 2007 and parts of it have remained fallow. The job this year is not only to get the soil improved but to get the whole of the allotment cultivated.
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