Thursday, 26 February 2009

At last - greenhouse and fruitcage completed

One of those weeks when I have been too busy to even stop and think so this post is a bit late. On Saturday we finished building the greenhouse. All the glass is in, the door works and it's even warm inside! And on Sunday, we built the fruit cage.

These will probably be the biggest construction jobs of the year but we absolutely had to get them finished before the end of February so they would be in time to use them.

There are two minor additional jobs to do on the greenhouse. We need to get some decking in and we need to put some guttering on. The latter is ordered and Dad has some spare water butts from his allotment which he will bring down. We do not have a fresh water supply on the allotment. Nor do I want one. Pouring water all over the ground that is so highly refined that we can drink it strikes me as an incredible waste of a good resource (and it increases your carbon footprint.) That said, we still haven't fitted a water butt at the house in Sunniside though we have one installed in our house in London. The decking will be bought over the weekend.

So, here's the link to the video of our building the greenhouse and fruit cage:

I'll post up the photos shortly.

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