Monday, 2 February 2009

Weekend round up

As usual, we have great hopes of getting certain jobs done and the outcome fails to match up to the aspirations. Nevertheless, some progress was made over the weekend. Thankfully the snow that is falling now did not arrive a day earlier.

The plan was to build both the greenhouse and the fruit cage. We got as far as putting in the base of the greenhouse. We have now scheduled next weekend for building the rest of the greenhouse and putting in the fruit cage.

Standing on the allotment yesterday nevertheless did give us a sense that it was coming together, despite the construction delays. Most of the existing beds have been manured and we are planning to prepare the last bed we rotovated but did not use last year. Whilst that means doing a lot of digging, weeding and manuring, it will increase the amount of land under cultivation by a quarter. About 40% of the allotment was not rotovated last year and one of the jobs we will need to do later this year is to clear that land and get it ready for 2010.
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