Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Apple and cinnamon jelly

apple cinnamon jelly Oct 09

We are still using up our vast supply of apples picked in the summer. We have bottled a large quantity and that left us with a pile of cores and peel. Instead of wasting it, I made it into a seasonal spiced jelly. This is what I did:

Add the cores and peel to a jam pan and entirely cover with water.

Bring to boil and simmer for a 2 hours.

Strain overnight and then measure the liquid.

Add the liquid to the jam pan and add in cinnamon powder, or cinnamon sticks. The amount is up to you but I put in a good dose.

Bring to boil and then add in the sugar - 1KG for every litre of liquid.

Keep simmering until the setting point is reached. Remove any cinnamon sticks and add the liquid to hot sterilised jars.

So, a useful way to use up a waste product. You can feed the boiled pulp to livestock or put into the compost bin.

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