Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow damage

I decided to venture down to the allotment yesterday with about 25cm of snow underfoot. My fear was that a build up of weight on the greenhouse could cause it to collapse. I was worrying needlessly, at least about that piece of equipment.

Allotment snow Jan 10 no 6

As you can see, no damage. By the time I snapped this picture on my blackberry, I had cleared one side of the roof.

Also, it was more of a sorry tale to tall about the fruit cage. That really had got a pasting from the weather.

Allotment snow Jan 10 no 5

Allotment snow Jan 10 no 3

On the second picture you can see how the cross beam has warped under the weight. I managed to clear the snow from the netting. The cross beam will have to be straightened out and the are now tears in the netting. It is all salvagable (hopefully).

Allotment snow Jan 10 no 1

The allotment under snow pictured above but with it removed from the greenhouse and fruit cage.

Allotment snow Jan 10 no 4

It's amazing what you can grow nowadays - ready frozen red cabbages and sprouts (the lumps under the snow!)

Allotment snow Jan 10 no 2

Some of the neighbouring allotments in the Whinnies, next to ours, at the end of daylight yesterday.

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