Thursday, 7 January 2010

Some winter crops

Despite the snow, we still have crops to pick on the allotment. The following photos were taken just after the first snow fall before Christmas and what I picked was used in our self-sufficient Xmas dinner.

sprouts in snow Dec 09

Christmas isn't Christmas without sprouts for dinner. Last year was the first time we grew them and we were pleased with the results.

cabbages in snow Dec 09

We have already used some of the red cabbages for picking but there are plenty left. One of our most successful crops and definitely one for repeating.

Leaks in the snow Dec 09

Leaks were a modest rather than a massive success. We used them to make soup as the starter or Xmas day. The rest were used in a flan which we are still eating.

parsnips in snow Dec 09

I have to confess the parsnips were rather forgotten about. Then I discovered they were quite a successful crop. There are plenty more still to pick. They are fantastic roasted.

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Cat said...

Got to love parsnips!
Come on by I'm having a giveaway!