Friday, 17 September 2010

More blackberries

I walked over to Lotties Wood, on the edge of our village of Sunniside, this morning to check out the hazel. It's not quite ready yet. What I picked instead was a tonnage of blackberries that will keep me going for a while. And there are mountains more still to pick. My first job is to make blackberry jam which I will set away in a few minutes.

The blackberries are early again this year. In my youth we used to call school half term in October "Blackberry Week" as that was when we went picking blackberries (sometimes we called it potato picking week). I wonder if climate change is changing the times when wild crops are ready for picking.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Just discovered your blog and videos and love it. Doing similar stuff myself but fantastic to see how to preserve food stuff. Yes unfortunately the seasons are changing and global warming is altering the ecosystem at an alarming rate. I estimate our seasons have been nudged forward by about four weeks. Unfortunately we can look forward to more erratic weather sytems ( as in pakistan etc..). So it is more essential than ever to live sustainable lifestyles and nurture our wildlife , insects and eco systems.I'm planning to plant out a month earlier next year in the hope of catching the best growing time ....but totally agree it is a bit hit and miss at the moment. Doesn't really help with all the misinformation the government spouts about climate change.xx Jules