Sunday, 5 September 2010

More crops

Three trips to the allotment were needed yesterday to carry back everything we picked (though one trip involved picking blackberries growing next to the allotment.) We picked more tomatoes, runner beans, gherkins, cucumbers, rhubarb, cauliflowers and cabbages.

The tomatoes were semi-dried in the oven for four hours and then stored in a jar of olive oil. Everything else has gone into the freezer, including the cauliflower leaves (steamed first).

We kept one cauliflower aside however to make cauliflower cheese. Watch out for the video on this. I'll edit and post it up soon.

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1 comment:

james said...

no courgettes or marrows then? i just spent the weekend on a friends allotment, and couldn't believe how many courgettes there were on all the plots.