Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Breadcrumbs and using up the sausage meat

We found some pork sausages in the freezer recently and used some of them to make toad in the hole. Alas, the sausages were awful. We were about to throw them out but my hatred of food waste kicked in and I came up with an alternative. I made a meat loaf with them.

To do this, I removed the skins and put the meat into the food mixer along with three leeks, garlic, fresh herbs, bread crumbs, an onion and a couple of eggs. I also added in some left over gravy and cheese source from a previous meal.I then mixed them all together and baked them at 180C for 90 minutes. We ate a slice with some fried up potatoes and runner beans left over from a previous meal. It wasn't the best meal I have made but it wasn't bad.

Most of the meal therefore consisted of ingredients that most people would throw out. Admittedly we had to buy the eggs and the onion (our crop of onions is close to being used up) but the rest were either leftovers or came from the allotment. The loaf will do us for about three meals.

We keep a box of breadcrumbs in the pantry and I advise everyone else to do the same. Breadcrumbs are a useful ingredient and can be made easily from stale ends of loaves that would otherwise be thrown out, fed to the birds or put on the compost heap.

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