Friday, 5 November 2010

The smells of an autumn kitchen

Our kitchen has a lovely autumn smell at the moment. Berries and apples, sweet mincemeat and homemade bread. Wonderful!

The berries and apples are in the jam pan at the moment, simmering away as I make another batch of hedgerow jelly. And I am making a vast quantity of sweet mincemeat. I am using a bag load of wild pears I picked recently along with some of the wild apples I picked a couple of months ago. The mix will stand overnight and tomorrow it will spend a bit of time in the oven before the brandy is added.

Bread baking was also done today for the next week. Finally, I am about to have a large jam tart with cream. I made it a couple of days ago with some of last years jam (bramble butter). We need to use up the old stocks to make room (and I am also running out of jam jars).

And finally, another of my bottles of elderflower champagne blew its cork in the garage today. I'm down to 15 now.
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