Monday, 25 April 2011

How to make a wild garlic omelette

Spring brings one of my favourite foraging foods - wild garlic. It has a strong smell but the taste is mild. It grows mainly in woodland areas and goes through its life cycle mainly before the trees are fully in leaf. That way it gathers the sunlight before it is blocked by the tree leaf canopy.

In this recipe I make a wild garlic omelette. This is a very simple recipe:

1)Beat some eggs and mix with milk.

2)Chop some wild garlic leaves and add them into the eggs and milk mix.

3) Add seasoning to taste.

4)Put a bit of oil into a frying pan and heat to a modest temperature.

5)Pour the mix into the frying pan.

6) When it is cooked on the base, fold over one half of the omelette to cook the inside.

Then eat and enjoy!


Dan said...

All this cooking with wild garlic is so delicious looking, but I have really struggled to find any here in South East London. Guess I need a trip into the countryside to benefit. Nettles a plenty but nothing that looks (or smells) like wild garlic.
Love your blog, by the way.

Jonathan Wallace said...

Hi Dan, I was in London 3 weeks ago filming on an allotment and found someone cultivating wild garlic on their plot. It may be worth checking wooded areas of parks in London though my guess is you will have to follow your suggestion of going out into the countryside.

Glad you like the blog.