Monday, 25 April 2011

Thinning and weeding the strawberries

Fruitcage Apr 11

We have had the fruitcage on the allotment for 2 years. When we installed it, we transferred the strawberry plants into it that were growing on 2 different beds on the allotment. They have taken well to their new plot - too well infact. They have spread across the floor of the fruitcage so I have had to go in to thin them out. Competing with them for space are raspberries and buttercups. I have now weeded out the latter though given the quantity, it took quite some time. I have also thinned out some of the strawberry plants.

The above photo was taken 2 weeks ago when I had weeded only one side of the fruitcage. I finished the other side yesterday.

The strawberries taken out have been transplanted to bags we used to grow carrots last year. The final destination of these bags is our garage roof. This is a large flat space that catches the sun so it is ideal for spreading plants like strawberries. We can put the bags around the edge of the roof therefore avoiding putting weight on the beams in the centre. We will also be planting nasturtium plants in pots to grow on the roof as well. We use nasturtiums as a salad crop - the leaves and seeds have a lovely peppery flavour.

strawberries Apr 11

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