Saturday, 12 May 2012

Checking the hives

Last week we had a break in the rotten weather and it gave us the opportunity to check our 2 hives. We were especially keen to check hive 2 as this one is actually 2 hives joined together. We joined them up at the end of March as one was weak and had lost its queen. We found that this hive is strong but not strong enough to need a super yet. Hive 3 on the other hand was doing very well. We added a super to it, complete with queen excluder. This will be the first hive from which we will be able to get some honey this year (we took a couple of frames off it in the autumn).

We had a sunny day on Tuesday and I was pleased to see that the bees from both hives were very busy. We hope soon to artificially swarm the hives so that we can add a couple more to what we have.

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