Monday, 16 September 2013

The Self-Sufficient Challenge Day 46 - Stuffed Marrow

stuffed marrow Sept 13 1

Last week most of our meals seemed to be egg or bacon based but on Sunday I decided to use one of the marrows I had swapped for jam at our last cafe. Sliced down the middle with the seeds and soft flesh in the centre removed, I then filled the half marrows with a mix made from breadcrumbs, some of our tamworth bacon and fat (to stop it drying out), onions, tomatoes and herbs (oregano, thyme and sage).  It went into the over at 180C for half an hour. The stuffing came out a lovely golden brown.

For dessert today we had baked apples filled with sweet mince. The marrow will last for 3 meals, the apples for 2.

baked apples Sept 13

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