Friday, 27 March 2015

Cream legbar green eggs

We hatched some cream legbar chicks last year. Of the 7 hens that survived, 3 have been rehoused with other people as part of swaps. Of the 4 we kept, we were beginning to think they had found a secret place to lay and that at some point we would discover a stash of small green eggs - most cream legbars lay green eggs. We searched in vain. Whilst our other hens started producing weeks ago, there was only a fleeting glimpse of green eggs. And then in the space of one day, we found 3 green eggs. All of them were small, indicating they were laid by young birds. The eggs however were in hen houses or places under sheds and hedges where many of the other birds lay. So it seems they weren't secreting their eggs in places I hadn't discovered. Instead, they were simply later than the others at starting to lay.