Sunday, 20 July 2008

Gooseberries by the kilo

We have had the allotment in the Whinnies, Sunniside since spring 2007. It had not been in use for years and was covered in brambles when we took it on. About a third is now under cultivation and at least one day each weekend is spend there.

Today was no different. I spend much of the afternoon one my hands and knees removing weeds. I am amazed at how quickly they grow and I look enviously across the hedge into the next allotment where no weed ever dares to show a leaf!

One of the other allotments neighbouring ours however is derelict. A friend of ours has took it on at the same time as we took on ours. She has not done anything with it yet but we have offered her what help we can. Though currently completely overgrown, it does have a large gooseberry bush which produces a good crop.

Last year I picked about 15kg of gooseberries to make jam and chutney. Today, in less than an hour, I picked about 5kg. I will go back later in the week to pick more. The aim is to make pies as well as jam and chutneys. I'll have a video about this shortly.

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