Wednesday, 30 July 2008

How to make raspberry jam and gin

If you are heading for self-sufficiency, you need to know how to preserve fruit. There will be times when there is an abundance of produce so that's when jam making and pickling come into play.

Making raspberry jam and gin is explained on this video I made: How to make raspberry jam and gin.

Basically for jam, you need same weight of sugar to raspberries and 2 lemons per kilo of raspberries.

  • grate rind off lemons and then squeeze them

  • add lemon rind and juice to raspberries in jam pan

  • bring to boil and simmer until the fruit as broken up

  • add in sugar and keep stirring and simmering until the setting point as been reached (when the jam develops a skin)

  • put into warm jam jars.

For raspberry gin you need 600g of raspberries, 300 of caster sugar and a 75cl bottle of cheap gin:

  • mix raspberries and sugar together in pickling jar with the gin.

  • close jar and shake

  • leave to stand for 3 months, shaking occasionally

  • after 3 months enjoy!

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