Wednesday, 30 July 2008

How to make nettle tea

As well as growing food, we also forage for it wild. Whilst most people treat nettles as a weed that stings you, we treat it as a food source. Its full of iron and makes a good soup and tea and can go into flans or can be steamed or boiled to use as a veg on your dinner plate. (It's very similar in that respect to spinach.)

Here's another of my videos. This one is about: How to make nettle tea.

You should use green young leaves on nettle plants. Bigger older ones are bitter in taste. Don't forget the gloves when picking nettle leaves, though the stinging bit is only on the edge of the leaves.

Tea making is simple and can use either fresh or dried leaves. Simply put the leaves into a clean tea pot and add boiling water. Leave to brew for a couple of minutes and then drink. You can have it neat or add a slice of lemon (which apparently changes it to a pinkish colour though I haven't tried that before).

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