Friday, 31 October 2008

Tomato blight and green tomato chutney

We have not yet set up our greenhouse though we have the parts for it. Setting it up is one of the big jobs for this winter. We did however pay the price for not getting round to building the greenhouse. Our tomato crop was hit by blight in September (see above). We grew them on our back patio but as they weren't under glass, they were more susceptible to blight. We managed to rescue some of the crop we has which was picked green other than a few red ones (see below). I therefore had a merry afternoon making green tomato chutney.

It was just a basic chutney I made but this is my recipe:
1 kg green tomatos
400g raisins
2 onions
400g apple (peeled and cored)
600 ml of white wine vinegar
Teaspoon of ground all spice
500g brown sugar
Teaspoon of cinnamon powder
Tablespoon of mustard seeds
Chop the tomatos, apple and onions and add to pan.

Add the raisins, white wine, mustard seeds and spices.

Heat and stir and once its bubbling away, turn down the heat but keep simmering. The apple and tomatos should produce a juice and once you have a damp pulp add the sugar and stir.

Keep the heat under the pan until most of the excess liquid has evaporated and then add to warm jars.

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