Friday, 14 November 2008

Blackberry whisky bottled

About three months ago, I used a batch of blackberries to make blackberry whisky. I had two preserving jars and by accident one had about two thirds more blackberries that the other.

Anyway, last night I set about bottling the whisky. I was surprised that there was considerably more liquid than could be contained in the two bottles the original whisky came in (Sainsbury's cheapest brand). I had to use an additional empty rum bottle. The first learning point is that the process seems to extract a large amount of juice from the fruit, far more than I expected.

The whisky itself was a lovely dark red colour, so the colour of the fruit had transferred well. I had a small sample from each preserving jar and really, you have to decide for yourself which was best. The one with less fruit did have a distinctive whisky taste and was my favourite, but both had worked.

So second learning point is to be a bit more balanced with the quantity of fruit added.

The whisky pickled blackberries themselves will be used next week in some home cooking.

Meanwhile, we have raspberry gin, sloe gin and cherry vodka ready to bottle up as well.

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