Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A nearly self-sufficient meal

We got a mushroom kit a few weeks ago and have been growing mushrooms in the wardrobe of the spare bedroom in the house in Sunniside. The first crop is pictured above. We picked them on Sunday.

We have also been through the entire contents of the freezer to work out what we have and plan how to use it. The space will be needed soon as more crops come in from the allotment. Though we are mainly (but not entirely) vegetarian, when faced with the large quantity of bacon and sausages we found in the freezer, more meat than usual has gone on the agenda.
Sunday morning breakfast was bacon and home grown mushrooms. Sunday evening dinner was toad-in-the-hole. It did not just include sausages. We put the rest of the mushrooms in and the remaining onions from the batch Dad grew last year. In addition, we had an unexpected crop of chard, found growing on the allotment.

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