Monday, 18 May 2009

Opening up bed 4

One task we are determined to do this year is open up bed 4 to cultivation. This is the largest bed on the allotment and we have already been using one border along the edge of it to grow lavender. It was rotovated last year, along with the other beds that are now in cultivation (leaving a third of the allotment still to sort out). We did not however get round to using it and as a result, it rapidly grew its own crop of grass and weeds.

Earlier this year I tried an experiment to kill the grass and weeds by smothering them with a thick layer of manure. This does seem to have worked though there were a large number of horsetails that grew through. I extracted all of them this weekend and then started to dig the patch. Given the size of bed 4, this is going to take some time. Nevertheless, at last the job is underway.

We have a number of sweet corn seedlings growing in the greenhouse. They will go onto bed 4. We will update you on other crops to go there shortly.

Meanwhile, I paid a visit to Dad's allotment on Saturday. His is in Marley Hill, the next village along the road from Sunniside. I don't often get to Dad's plot but I was struck by the size of it. It is only about a fifth the size of ours. So I count ourselves lucky to have such a large allotment. It does of course mean more work it required, especially as we are restroing it from a derelict condition.
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