Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Update on vegetable beds

Beds 1 and 2 are now progressing well. Both were in use last year so this year we have rotated the crops. Bed 1 has peas and broad beans, chard, carrots, parsnips and garlic. All seem to be doing well.

There were two different garlic bulbs planted. The above was winter garlic, planted last November. The second was an early spring planted bulb. Both sets are doing well and, according to the books we have read, should be harvested at the same time in July.

Peas above and broad beans below, both on bed 1. The broad beans were a success last year, the peas less so.

Over on bed 2 and the onions (pictured below) are coming along in leaps and bounds. Last year onions were a success. We are growing trebble the quantity this year.

Also on bed 2 are leeks (not much sign of activity but we are keeping our fingers crossed), beetroot, runner beans and gherkins with a few sweet peas added to attract bees.
Bringing bed 3 into use was a must-do job this year. It is now in full operation. The soil was a good quality so we did not add manure. The bed is now sporting red cabbage, brussel sprouts (being planted by David above), gherkins and sweet peas.

David on bed 3, above. Two years ago this whole area was buried underneath brambles.

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