Saturday, 18 July 2009

Giving up my job for the Good Life in Sunniside

Readers of this blog may well be aware that I live in both Sunniside in Gateshead and London. I regard Sunniside as my home. I needed to be in London for my job. I was the intelligence analyst for the Liberal Democrats which meant I had to be in party HQ and Parliament most weeks. Hence the journeys to London.

My unit has been reorganised and as a result my job has been scrapped and replaced by two others. I was offered redundancy or interview for the new jobs. Initially I aimed to go for the interview but it was against a background of having a great many things I wanted to do in my own time which have been shelved over the past decade as I travelled between Gateshead and London. One of the big things that was shelved was the ambition of becoming self-sufficient.

So after much thought and deliberation, oiled by a significant redundancy cheque, I decided to give up the job and the London role, and head back to Sunniside for the Good Life, running the allotment and becoming self-sufficient.

So here I am, back in Gateshead running the allotment. There's no turning back now!
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