Monday, 14 September 2009

Beans, plums and apples - preserving for another day

It's funny to think that our runner beans were a failure last year. Now we are facing the problem of how to preserve such a large crop. The freezer is full so we are turning to a more traditional way of keeping them - salting them. We have three vary large jars full of beans, a carrier bag full of beans waiting to be preserved and still the bean plants on the allotment continue to produce for us.

The plum tree we planted last year also had a big crop, despite its small size. A carrier bag full of fruit was brought back to the house. I've just bottled 2 jar fulls of whole plums. The rest that were a bit past it were cut open to remove the stone and boiled in the left over sugar syrup. They too are now in 2 jars.

And finally, I am still sorting the apples picked 2 weeks ago. The better quality, larger eating apples are being put into boxes, packed with shreded paper. The rest will be used in jams, pies etc though some will be preserved in syrup.

All of this will of course be covered in various videos that are currently in production.

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