Wednesday, 30 September 2009

How to make tomato ketchup

This is a spin off from building the greenhouse - we had a bumper crop of tomatoes. We used the surplus to make tomato ketchup. This video shows how we made it.


Janet said...

Ketchup looks great and can't wait to see what you do with the haws (having made haw sauce this past week). Did you re-boil the ketchup before bottling it - or was it still very hot?
Love the blog - one of my favourite places - will be up to Consett to pick sloes soon. Any ideas what to do with elderberries?

Jonathan Wallace said...

No, we didn't reboil the ketchup before bottling. The vinegar in it should act as a preservative, but best to use it up in about 6 months and keep in fridge once opened.

I am planning to use elderberries to make fruit leathers, red champagne and jelly. If I get through that lot, there will hopefully be videos shot on how to do it!

robo_re said...

Just to check.Four cardamom seeds or pods?