Saturday, 8 May 2010

Beans, seeds and weeds

Even if nothing else grows weeds seem to and a lot of time recently has been spent digging and weeding.

The fruitcage has been repaired and the surprise was how strong and heavy the snow must have been to bend the metal tubes that make up the cage. It took a lot of effort to straighten them.

Broad and runner beans have been planted. Three wigwams for the runners for three different varieties - Galaxy, Scarlet Emporer and an unknown variety from David's uncle and aunt that grew very well last year.

Seeds planted earlier in the year are growing well - the courgettes in particular which have come on from seeds to small plants very quickly. Planted this weekend were Swiss Chard seeds outside together with cabbage and cauliflower plants that had been grown from seed. Also sweetcorn has been planted in pots in the greenhouse.

Kev (the person clearing the abandoned part of the allotment) is doing a great job and soon we will have a bonfire and then start digging it over.

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