Sunday, 16 May 2010

More weeding and clearing

My presence on the allotment has increased a bit recently as I get back into the swing of self-sufficiency following the major disctraction of the past month that limited my chances to grow and secure my food supply. Yesterday was spent weeding the lavender bed on bed 4. Okay, so it's not food but lavender are great for attracting bees and other pollinating insects to the allotment.

Bed 4 is about to have some radical work. The raised bed has been constructed and I poured into it bags of old compost that were used for growing potatoes last year. We also need to add more and therefore have something of a compost shortage at the moment.

Bed 4 is also going to be the location for the pond we are planning to dig. There are frogs in the area but we want more of them to eat the bugs. Here's to hoping that in the spring next year, the pond will be a neat little breeding centre for them. Getting the pond dug and established now will give them a good lead in time.

Meanwhile, Kev has done an incredible job at removing the undergrowth on the disused part of the allotment. It looks even bigger than I ever anticipated. Lots of space but lots of work to bring it into cultivation.

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