Friday, 15 October 2010

Jam production line

hedgerow jelly Oct 10

I am having a jam-making day. Yesterday I set away some hedgerow jelly and having strained the pulp overnight, today I carried out the final stage of turning the strained liquid into jelly. I then pressed the pulp through a sieve and made hedgerow butter from the puree.

Not content with that, I made some bramble jelly using some leftover blackberries and crab apples. On the cooker at the moment is a pan full of crab apples which I will use for making crab apple jelly.

Tonight however I am off the jam treadmill. Instead I will be making pear and apple chutney. The apples were picked wild in September but I picked the pears over the weekend from a derelict orchard near our village.

And finally, if you haven't picked your hazel nuts, get them as soon as possible. They won't last much longer. I've been out five times to pick them and have gathered about 6kg. That's our protein supply guaranteed for a few months!

(Photo is of the hedgerow jelly ingredients - minus the sugar of course)


Anonymous said...

I notice you don't waterbath or use paraffin to seal your blackberry jelly. Do they keep very long? We waterbath. My Mother used to make the best strawberry jam on the face of the earth and she sealed with paraffin.
June in Indiana USA

Jonathan Wallace said...

It keeps for years as long as everything was sterilised beforehand.