Saturday, 2 October 2010

The problems of storage

Our freezer is full. We have no room for another. In the allotment world, this counts as a mini-disaster. As the crops come in, we are desperate for storage space.

I extracted from the freezer earlier this week a bag of lemon skins to make into marmalade. This barely scratched the surface in terms of freed up space. There is a large bag of blackberries in the freezer as well and my plan is to use it in a hedgerow jelly recipe. But it rained and rained through the week, preventing me from picking the other berries I need. As I have now come down to London for a few days, the jelly will have to wait. So the freezer continues to be full.

What we have no space for are the runner beans and cabbages. Dad is kindly donating space in his freezer for the beans though there are still loads to come in. I'm rather concerned about the cabbages however. They are still on the allotment and the rabbits are getting fat on them.

We are pickling what we can. Runner bean chutney is interesting! But we are going to have a big sort of all the food stores when we get back to free up freezer space. Were we to get to the bottom of our chest freezer, it could be interesting what we find!

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you get a pressure canner and put your beans up that way. I have been making pickle sticks and beans in brine.
Works well, but you must use a pressure canner nasty bacteria grows if you dont/
this is a great site, thanks I wish we had wild food in such plenty in Australia. we don't have that pleasure, wild food here is not easy to find and usually weird.