Friday, 7 September 2012

2.5 million viewings

Thanks to everyone who has viewed my videos on my YouTube channel ( The good news is that the viewing figures have now reached 2.5 million. Though I also include my travel videos and occasional others, the drivers that are pushing up the viewing figures are those dealing with cooking and gardening. There are over 700 videos on the channel. My oldest cookery video is (I think) about how to make raspberry jam. The most popular cookery video is currently "How to dry tomatoes", picking up over 7,000 viewings a month. For the record, my most viewed video has nothing to do with my self-sufficiency activities. It is "Former Soviet Secret Submarine Base", filmed in Balaklava in the Crimea in the Ukraine in 2006. It has nearly a quarter of a million viewings.

There are two videos already edited waiting to go up: "How to pickle eggs" and "Foraging news August 2012". Waiting to be filmed are "How to make horseradish sauce", "How to make Yorkshire pudding" and "How to make panhaggaty". I will also be filming at the Bowes Show tomorrow and at the Harrogate Show next Friday. So there's plenty more coming up.

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