Wednesday, 13 March 2013

More stray eggs

Until a couple of weeks ago, the hens were allowed to wander freely over the allotment site. They have done a good job of keeping down the weeds, especially on the neighbouring allotment where the tenant was pleased with the weed-free results. However, as we approach spring and the planting season, their roaming area has been reduced to my allotment and a strip of woodland next to it. Nevertheless, 4 of them have an escape route which I am yet to find and one of them, the coral nick, has laid no eggs in the hen houses for a few weeks. As she is a good layer, and has form when it comes to laying outside the henhouses, my presumption was that she has been laying somewhere in the vicinity. Regular searches had come up with nothing.

That was, until yesterday, when one of the other allotment holders found a pile of eggs in his compost bin. And this morning, I found four eggs in the strip of woodland. Trying to get the small number of hens which don't lay in the henhouses to do so is a challenge for which I don't have a solution yet.

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