Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Beeswax candle making

I have a large quantity of honeycomb that went through the honey press in the summer and early autumn sitting in a large honey bucket. I also have a reasonable amount of bits of honeycomb we have collected whilst managing the hives over the past couple of years. The reason I mention this is because of a meeting I attended this evening of Haxham Beekeepers' Association. The speaker tonight gave a demonstration of candle making. We are planning to make beeswax candles so this was a useful meeting. I also learnt that I may be able to make mead from the honeycomb - or rather from the honey that is in it.  Basically, I need to wash the comb in water before we put it into our wax extractor. The water should be drained off and this is what we can ferment to make mead.. I need to do some more research on the details of what is required but I am hoping to try out a recipe in the next couple of weeks.

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