Monday, 25 November 2013

How to make pumpkin jam - the video

My latest video, how to make pumpkin jam. As pumpkins have no pectin, I used appled to set the jam. Use equal weight of apple and pumpkin and sugar used should equal the total weight combined of apple and pumpkin. Add a bit of water after the pumpkin and apple has gone into the preserving pan, enough to stop any burning whilst the fruit heats up and boils. Then add the sugar and boil until the setting point is reached.

We still have three very large pumpkins to use up so watch out for our forthcoming videos on bread, pies, chutney and pancakes and anything else you can think of.


Anonymous said...

What do you do with the apple peelings? My friend boils hers to extract the juice to make apple jelly ( plus chili, mint,or other flavourings) but I make pectin. There's a very good recipe on t'internet and it freezes well. Useful for low pectin jams. Or do the chickens get your peelings?

Jonathan Wallace said...

We use the peelings to make jelly though if we have too many peelings, we simply give them to the hens and goats. The hens also like the apple pulp after it has been strained and boiled.