Thursday, 13 April 2017

The devastating loss of Spotless

goats on paving Mar 17 3

I have some bad news. Spotless, our beautiful billy goat, died suddenly yesterday. He had been fine on Monday. On Tuesday morning, I found him unwell with terrible diarrhoea. He didn't want to eat anything. Spot, his very pregnant sister, though not suffering from diarrhoea, was equally lethargic and off her food. I decided to see if they were recovering by lunchtime and if not, I would call the vet. My visit to them in the early afternoon was a shock. Spotless was far worse. I immediately called the vet but he died before she arrived.

This is a devastating loss for us. He was a fabulous looking animal and had just become a father. With such a death, I wanted a postmortem. My guess is that he had eaten something, as had Spot (though probably in a smaller quantity).

Ellen, the vet, advised at that point against medical treatment of Spot as otherwise it would cause her to terminate her pregnancy. Spot needed to be monitored and a decision would need to be taken on treatment if she showed no improvement. She also advised that we give Spot some vegetable oil to help flush out her system.

I checked on Spot at 10pm, midnight and then at 4am. She was settled but uncomfortable with constant grunting and regular stomach contractions. At 8am, when we fed all the animals, the grunts and contractions had stopped but it seemed she was still not interested in food, until we gave her fresh grass which she more enthusiastically ate.

Throughout Wednesday, Spot showed more signs of recovery. She is now eating normally (see hoto below) and was especially keen on the hawthorn branches we now give the goats. The good news is that her recovery means she doesn't need medical treatment. That means her pregnancy should run to its full term (in about 2-3 weeks she is due).

Spotless was collected today to go for a postmortem. We await the result. We are missing him greatly.

goats eating grass Apr 17 3


Anonymous said...

I am very sorry for your loss. Your animals are clearly loved and well cared for. Spotless was blessed to have been in your care.

Anonymous said...

How is pinky? Do you think there's an illness going around?

jonathanwallace said...

Pinkie was seem by the vet 3 weeks ago. She may have a lung problem and had been losing weight. She is being given extra food to build up her weight again. Her appetite is good and there are lots of greenery now available to feed her (and the other goats as well).