Saturday, 29 August 2009

How to make blackberry vodka

My original plan yesterday was to make blackberry whisky. I picked the blackberries on Thursday in Crystal Palace Park and was ready to repeat the recipe I used last year. Alas, though trips to a number of supermarkets in the area were made, we could find now cheap, own label whisky (the last thing to do is use an expensive brand!) Then in Sainsburys, I spotted their cheap, own label vodka. Now's the time to expand my range of fruit vodkas, I thought to myself. So here goes, my recipe for blackberry vodka:

1 litre supermarket own label vodka
600g freshly picked blackberries
300g sugar

Add the blackberries and sugar to a kilner or other storage jar. Pour in the vodka and close the jar.

Give the jar a good shake to make sure the contents are thoroughly stirred up. Repeat this every day for a month. It takes a few days for the sugar to fully dissolve.

Then shake it up once a month for the following two months.

After a month of daily shaking and the further two months of one off shakes, strain and bottle. It should be ready for drinking immediately.

After the first shake, the liquid goes a lovely dark purple colour. I am expecting the colour to get stronger during the next three months.

I was asked recently if fruit liquers should be drunk neat. The answer is yes, don't spoil them by adding anything else.

Finally, as with all recipes for fruit vodka, gin, whisky et al, use the pickled fruit that is strained off at the end of the process. Something like raspberries and blackberries can be used as a topping to ice cream. Sloes are a bit of a problem because of their stones. I am working up some ideas on how to use sloes pickled in gin so I'll try them out later this year and post up the recipes (assuming they work of course!)
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kate said...

I can't wait to go blackberry picking this weekend and getting the vodka going for Christmas celebrations.


Eric said...

I used frozen berries from Hrron freezer shop, 69p for 600gms cheap as chips and good, mmmmmmmmmmmm

pru said...

Fab website, only just found it. now embrking on blckberry vodka and will certainly do wild garlic pesto once the wild garlicc returns.

Anonymous said...

Ive just made a batch with the last of the Blackberries... December dilemma looming... to keep it all or give some away?! Thanks for the recipe, great web site :)

Anna, Beds said...

Just done a small batch in a stainless steel thermos - will this be ok? Would be tragic for it to be tainted by the metal!

Maureen said...

Use your stoned sloes from the gin in a chutney. A company called sloemotion makes this. Hope this is useful

Kipps said...

Was wondering if Blackberry Vodka would work (we have bushes full of berries here, and tired of crumbles!) and thanks to you I believe it will!!! Going picking tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Just made the blackberry vodka! Looking forward to Christmas already.... As for the sloes after pickling in gin remove the stones then place in chocolate filled ice cube tray for liqueur chocolates.

Anonymous said...

Iam finding it really difficult to
get any glass bottles (other than the ones i already have.
Would it be ok to use plastic water

Anonymous said...

when you say sloes post a problem , the excess make fantastic liquer chocolates

Anonymous said...

De-stone the pickled sloes and add to a fruitcake - they make a fabulous boozy addition to a Christmas cake.

Anonymous said...

Restaurant supply stores have large glass containers that are perfect for this. Alternately check out your local thrift or secondhand stores. I'm heading out to pick gallons of blackberries tomorrow and will be making a couple of batches of this vodka recipe. Looking forward to Christmas! Thank you:-)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if it's OK to use plastic bottles, for example old squash or even plastic milk bottles like a 4 pinter? Thanks :0)

Anonymous said...

It's NOT ok to use plastic bottles. It will affect the taste.