Tuesday, 25 August 2009

How to make sloe gin

After the disaster of the sloe crop last year, this year I am pleased to say there is an abundance of sloes - or at least there is in Crystal Palace Park, near our London home. So I was out this morning picking sloes. And I've just finished setting up the sloe gin.

This is what I used:

650g sloes
325g granulated sugar
1.4litre cheap, supermarket own brand of gin

The boring bit comes first. Get a sowing needle and prick each sloe about 5 times. This allows the juices to percolate into the gin.

Then add the pricked sloes to a kilner jar, add the sugar and then pour in the gin. Some people add almonds at this point for extra taste. I haven't bothered this time but may do so on the next batch.

Give the contents a good stir before closing the jar. For the next month, give the jar a good shake each day. For the following 2 months give it an occasional shake. After three months strain and bottle the sloe gin - it's useful therefore to hold on to the bottles the original gin came in.

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Ben said...

A sowing needle? Surely a sewing needle would be better.

Anonymous said...

i don't bother pricking the sloes first. aslong as you have picked them after there has been a good frost the skins should be broken down in places. alternatively you can stick them in the freezer for a couple of days then let them defrost and it will have the same affect. always worked for me and saves alot of time. great website