Saturday, 29 August 2009

Picking apples

I am in Cambridgeshire this weekend, doing the annual trip to David's mother's. This is a rural area and has many country lanes with hedgerows. As we drove to the house in Bottisham, I felt like we were driving up the aisles of a free supermarket: lots of bushes and trees sagging under the weight of fresh fruit all waiting to be picked. And just as we drove into the village, there were the apple trees which I picked last year.

It took me only 45 minutes to fill 4 carrier bags with apples. We brought down hessian bags to transport them back to Gateshead. Two have been filled. Hopefully this will be sufficient to keep us going to the end of the year at least. We will have to sort out storage of those we will eat raw. Others will be turned into jams and jelly, go into pies, dried etc.
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