Tuesday, 25 August 2009

How to make plum and nectarine jam

This is a great recipe for using up surplus and windfall plums. Plum on its own in jam is great but I had a handful of nectarines going spare so I included them in this jam. This is what I used:

500g plums
500g nectarines
3 lemons
1kg sugar

Note that the weight given above is after the stones have been removed.

Chop the plums and nectarines once the stones have been removed and add them to the jam pan. Add the juice of the lemons to the pan as well, apply heat and bring to the boil.

Leave to simmer until the fruit is very soft. I found the nectarines kept their body whilst the plums turned into a pulp - so make sure the nectaries are well chopped before cooking.

Once the fruit is soft enough, add the sugar, stir constantly and bring back to the boil. Check for the setting point in the usual way - seeing if a skin forms on a sample of jam. Once it has, put into warmed jars.

We made 4 jars from the quantity above.

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