Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My rain dance has worked

The dry weather we have been having recently has left me worried about the effect on our crops. In particular, the wild cherries here in Sunniside are looking a bit small. They are already late. This time last year they were all ripe. I was on holiday then and when I came back, they had all been eaten by the wood pigeons. The cold winter must have delayed things this year and we are still waiting for them to ripen. I'm also concerned about the potatoes we have on the allotment. Some will be ready for harvesting soon. As a basic food crop for us, it's important we get a good supply.

A couple of days ago I nearly did a rain dance on the allotment. It turned out I didn't need to. On Monday evening we had a heavy downpour. It gave the ground a good soaking. Our water butts also filled up. So, fingers crossed, and perhaps with a bit more rain, the crops will continue growing.

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