Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cherry Vodka

More cherry vodka was bottled yesterday. This batch was started last year and I have to confess, we forgot about it. Over the weekend I rediscovered the kilner jar containing the vodka and cherries. I bottled the licquer and we are keeping the vodka pickled cherries for use as ice cream toppings or in trifles and pies. I have picked a large quantity of cherries in the past few weeks from trees in local parkland so yesterday I also set away another batch of cherry vodka. Watch out for the video coming up shortly also filmed yesterday on making this rather pleasant fruit licquer.

cherry vodka Aug 10

Above: the recently bottled vodka. Below, the pickled cherries which will be used as toppings or in pies and trifles.

cherries preserves in vodka Aug 10

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