Thursday, 5 August 2010

Some of our recent pickings

Here are some of the crops picked recently.

strawberries Aug 10
These strawberries will be used in jam making. The plan is to make gooseberry and strawberry jam. Strawberries have very little pectin but gooseberries have more and using them together means we have a jam that sets rather than runs.

Soft fruit by the bucket Aug 10
Cherries and gooseberries. I've been picking plenty of cherries recently. The red/yellow cherries are very sweet so tomorrow I'll be bottling them. The black cherries have been made into jam. More about that soon. The gooseberries came from our neighbour Vic's garden. There were too many for him to use so we swapped him some jam for the chance to pick his fantastic crop of gooseberries. A pie will also be on his way to Vic shortly (and yes we will be making a video on how to make a gooseberry pie!)

gherkins Aug 10
We have gherkins by the bucket load. These ones have now been pickled in sweet spiced vinegar. In the photo you can see they are sprinkled with salt - the start of the pickling process. As will have a video about pickling gherkins coming up shortly. It's already filmed but we haven't edited it yet.

Shallots Aug 10
A pile of shallots. This is the first time we have grown them and we had a good crop.

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