Monday, 16 August 2010

A good crop of cauliflowers and cabbages

cabbage cauliflower Aug 10

This photo was taken a week ago. The cabbage and cauliflower crops are coming along very well. We are having to pick some of the caulis now before the florettes open out and grow separately. So far we have had cauliflower cheese and caulifloer and stilton soup. I want to have a go at aloo gobi, one of my favourite Indian dishes. I've never made it before but I have eaten it many times. I'm also planning some spices fried cauliflower dipped in a sauce. I'm still hunting recipes for this.

We didn't grow cauliflowers last year and the year before that when we did manage to grow was more an excuse for a crop than the real thing. So we are very pleased with this year's produce.

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